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As one of the few hotels in the Czech Republic we can offer you a unique experience of exceptional treatments with medicinal effects, which includes a Finnish sauna, a bath with ingredients from which beer is brewed and regeneration on a bed of oat straw.

Healing effects

Ever since the Middle Ages is known to be in a yeasty beer baths have healing powers and are excellent prevention. Beer and Brewer's yeast sludge is as natural therapeutic agents, provided that the right temperature, bath time and the proper dosage of ingredients. Both
purify the body through pores in the skin.

Beer spa BBB is beneficial for everyone. People with skin problems are excited, but also the effects of the bath appreciate people suffering from poor blood circulation in extremities.

But most important is the actual experience of beer bath: sit in a wooden tub and you can only serve beer by the way - is not that great?

Description of procedures

Connection Beer and oat bath BBB bed is protected by original procedure. The whole procedure takes place in the following steps:

  • Whirlpool
  • Finnish sauna and relaxation
  • Beer bath
  • Rest in bed with straw

The main component of "beer bath" is water with a temperature of 35 +-2 °C. It is enriched with ingredients from which beer is brewed such as yeast, hops, malt, etc. scrap.

The quantity and quality of the ingredients and the order of their addition to the bath, however is a trade secret.

The effect of "beer bath" will greatly increase the use of special whirlpool, the heat exchanger to prevent rapid cooling and a special timber from which tubs are made. Bath time is 20 minutes.

After the "beer bath" relaxation followed by a rest period of 30-45 minutes on a bed of oat straw, where the body sweats and releases.