Praded peak (1491 m.n.m.)
Karlova Studanka Spa
Bila Opava valley
Velka Kotlina basin


Jeseniky Mountains (High Ash Mountains) are the second highest mountains in the Czech Republic with the highest peak Praděd (1491 m). Hruby Jesenik has a total area of ​​740 km2. The characteristic is a long winter with plenty of snow.
Number of days with snow cover is between 100 and 140 and the thickness of snow cover of up to 3 meters. The snow here is often maintained until the late spring months. Average temperatures in summer are between 14 to 16 °C. The coldest place of mountains and Moravia is top Praded with an average annual temperature of around 1 °C.

Mala Moravka

Mala Moravka and the adjacent part Karlov pod Pradedem is one of the most popular resort communities in Jeseniky and offers unlimited possibilities for activities in winter and summer.
Highest places in the vicinity of the village is Koprivna peak (1019 m), below which is also located our hotel.

Interesting places

Skicentre Mala Moravka a Karlov

Four skiing resorts with 10 ski slopes of various difficulty levels.

Karlova Studanka Spa

The beautiful spa town with the cleanest air in Central Europe.

Praded peak (1491 m.) - Ovcarna

Skiing in the heart of the Jeseniky one thousand above sea level.

Bila Opava valley

Trail around the beautiful valley leads across nature reservewith with a lots of waterfalls, rapids and romantic views.

Velka kotlina

An interesting tip on a summer trip. Hiking trail leads from Karlov along the river Moravice to Velka kotlina. It goes up to Ovcarna where you get to the next great places (Petrovy stones, Praded). Velka kotlina is closed in winter due to avalanche danger.